Mike One Star

Mike One Star now lives in Rosebud, SD.  Mike loves to work with kids. He works at the J.D.C for kids who did some thing bad. He goes to powwows and dances some times. He had heart replaced but he still is ok. Mike has a grand son Mike One Star Jr. In my opinion I think Mike was the best grass dancer in  the powwow country.

Mike was only 4 years old when he started to dance, Mike loved to dance.  He even won lots of dance contests.  Mike went to school in St. Francis,SD. He married a pretty women by the name Denise. She is a jingle dress dancer. So then they settled down and had a few children. He has won a lot of champion ships  because he practices at a quiet place that he knows about.  Mike and his grand son go and dance at a quiet place in Rosebud.  You can find Mike at several powwows. You can also find him on You Tube. He is very popular.



3.Norh dikota

4.kanzas city


Thats why I picked Mike. Mikes son is a whistle man meaning some one who is helping the people. thats why look up to him mike because his family goes around to all the powwows. look up to mike because I too am a grass dancer.

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when you get finished with the drum you would get a big 4 inch piece of string then you rap the string around the drum and tie it tight so it wo’nt fall off the drum then you see if the drum keg is very sacure  enough for singing…


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www.powwow times.com

,how to make a lakota hide drum, what you do to acquire a  drum is get a wooden  circle that is very hallow

now what you do is you get a buffalo  or a deer hide , then you get a plastic box to put the deer in then you get the water put the deer in  you let it soak the deer hide

you take the hide out and put it on the table  then you get a bottle then you smash it and start shaving the hide then what you do is you mesure it and cut the hide then you do that  again, now what you do is get the string and start stringing the the drum up and then when you are done you hang the drum up for four days but take it inside when it is dark out then you take the drum and feel if it is done.. then there is your lakota powwow drum..

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